Joe Wrote July 23rd , 2014

Will we be doing some analysis on market activity ?

Brian Wrote July 23rd, 2014

I expect you to be trading .... and consistently doing action in a manner that is balanced to your required lifestyle ... as well as for the most part very profitable to you .... you are expected to be able to consistently .... determine the "Weather" very quickly ( which is a form of analysis of Market Activity) ... have an updated and active "Watch list" ( which is a form of analysis) ... be able to pick the best playable stock from that watch list (which is a form of analysis ) enter the play at a very good time (which is a form of analysis) and exit the play at the best time for you given your self imposed objectives (which is a form of analysis) .... I will be interacting with you to evaluate and pin point areas that I feel may be blocking you from moving through all of this "Analysis of Market Activity" very quickly , effortlessly , easily ... in Monday's live market environment .




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