Rant on DEBT


Brian S. Sashuk

January 23rd, 2013

Debt is similar to any other big industry like steel, automotive, and oil etc etc …

It seems these days it should not be categorized as a small category of the “Finance” servicing industry …

I am thinking we should call that “Banking” … lol

Banking generally gets their currency from the same SOURCE as all other industries … the source being the STOCK market  … you can find stock listings of most major Banking institutions on the Stock Market.

So when you go for that car loan or mortgage you are in fact dealing with a middle man sort of speak… you are not dealing with the “SOURCE” of currency …

I ask would it not be prudent to go to the source of currency when you need it rather than a middle man that is going to put you into DEBT for 5, 10, 20 or 30 years?

Now the reason Banking and all industries in general go to the Stock Market for the source of their currency needs is because when they receive currency from the SOURCE… that transaction is not one that puts them in DEBT it simply puts them in a situation where they now have partners or Affiliates involved.

Interesting Yes?

So now that you know the true SOURCE of currency I ask you to discover how YOU can tap into the SOURCE of currency when you need it instead getting involved with the middleman that will put you in DEBT when you need currency.

You can stay away from DEBT and go to the SOURCE of currency….

When you use DEBT for your currency needs you become a Slave ..

when you go to the SOURCE for your currency needs you remain in FREEDOM





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