Anything Can Be  “Appreciated”  


Brian S. Sashuk

We are constantly exposed to the dynamic of money in all aspects of our lives whether we like it or not. 

So I embarked on a journey of creating a company called The Circle of Money.

In the process I discovered I really did not know what money was and I also discovered that I was not alone.  It seems to affect us at all levels of our being and yet it seems the majority of us really do not know what it is.

In my research and studies on the topic I have come to the conclusion that it is extremely important to embrace a definition of money, bring it into our lives and live the definition.

In other words we must each create a definition for ourselves that works, then live it and BE the result of that definition.

Just as one can embrace and live certain ideas, beliefs and philosophies about anything. (Religion, Politics, Personal Lifestyle etc etc …)

This way we directly experience life according to the beliefs we choose for ourselves.

We are in fact the makers of our own lives based on our choices in this regard.

So over a relatively long period of time searching and living in a mode of Trial and Error  I discovered a definition of money that works for me.

I wish to share it, hope it works for you too, here it is.

“Appreciation is an expression of the VALUE of a creation.  Money is a SYMBOL of that appreciation”   ~ Robert Scheinfeld

When I move into the role of Investor and apply this dynamic here is what really happens from that point of view.

I look at the value of the creation from my own perspective.  Also if I am a responsible Investor that has good values I will consider the spin off effect the investment will have on my family, the community locally and ultimately globally.

Then a decision can be made that meets a higher standard and ultimately a higher VALUE.

People and companies are always creating things.

Depending on what kind of an investor or consumer I choose to be I will be exposed to many good opportunities or many bad opportunities almost instantly, since it seems the whole world is looking to be APPRECIATED regardless of what dynamic values are taking place. 

Life is always expressing itself and constantly evolving in different ways

So in reality the dynamic & essence of currency too is APPRECIATION or it can be

De-Appreciation / Depreciation.

Also if we want to get extremely deep into this concept we could look at dynamics of FOREX (Foreign Exchange) which is a global system that creates a Market for the world currencies and the official VALUE for the very essence and worth of the economies of Sovereign Countries themselves. However that topic goes beyond the scope of this discussion.

Looking at it this way we must then consider what we are thinking about any specific creation and especially what we are SAYING about the creation because we are in fact either APPRECIATING it or not at that point instantly.

Remember money is simply a SYMBOL of the APPRECIATION for something created, the magnitude of the number assigned to the creation is directly related to what people are thinking it is worth to them (buyer and seller). What people say about it can have an effect on APPRECIATION as well. 

I am sure we have all experienced this dynamic in personal situations where people close to us say bad things about us. The feeling that is created is not one that has great value to anybody, and the effect must result in poverty if gone unchecked. On the other side of the coin when people close to us say good things about us from a place of truth, the dynamic of APPRECIATION is initiated and will ultimately result in wealth on all levels.

The SYMBOL (Money) is attached to the creation when a FORMAL request for disposition (Sale) of the creation takes place.

For those of us that have had the experience of buying or selling Real Estate we would have had a direct experience with APPRECIATION or DEPRECIATION because the actual selling price of the property will be closely attached to the actual Market Value of the property at any given point in time. 

The Banks and the financial industry in general accepts the judgement of a professional “Property Appraiser” whenever a sale of a property is going to take place.

In the Real Estate dynamic APPRECIATION is created based on the factors that the demographic region and property itself offers a person. 

The person will then cut a cheque or in other words creates a “SYMBOL” of appreciation so he can formally take up residence in that part of the planet.

To indicate this point further we can note that people APPRECIATE ocean beaches, convenient proximity to shopping, schools, transportation as well as quality workmanship in the building itself.

On the stock market we observe that people APPRECIATE stocks that provide valued goods and services to society, excellent dividends, excellent potential for short and long term ROI.

In our own business’s people APPRECIATE good service, good relationships and quality products that bring VALUE to their lives.

I have discovered that giving much attention to the quality of the thoughts I create in my head regarding anything, and my ability to APPRECIATE what I am thinking about will certainly lead to words spoken that will most definitely add value and ultimately wealth.

I then ask myself this question.  How hard is it to say true words of APPRECIATION.

To your wealth  ....Brian



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